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10 minutes – Welcome & Opening Remarks

35 minutes - Speaker 1: KJ Burrington and Q&A

  • Innovations in dairy ingredients that enhance their performance in food and beverage applications today and in the future.
    Product developers have more dairy ingredients to choose from than ever before. U.S. dairy ingredient companies have developed new and innovative milk and whey ingredients with improved performance for specific applications. These innovations address many of the consumer needs that every company is trying to meet, such as clean label, lactose free, and higher protein. Whether your product focus is dairy products, prepared foods or beverages, there is a dairy ingredient that can meet your needs.

35 minutes - Speaker 2: Dr. IIan Samish and Q&A

  • Sustainable, healthy and affordable milk via precision fermentation of (designer) proteins
    Tectonic movements of the dairy industry highlight the need for sustainable, humane, environmentally-friendly and affordable cow-free nutritious and functional milk. Amai Proteins cures the food system by producing designer proteins via precision fermentation, starting with the first hypersweet protein as a sugar substitute. How can one make milk without a cow? Beyond the science of Computational Protein Design and precision fermentation, the talk will highlight regulatory, consumer acceptance and intellectual property aspects of the new cow-free milk.

35 minutes - Speaker 3: Dr. Sam Alcaine and Q&A

  • The Fermented Whey: Upcycling dairy by-products into value-added beverages and ingredients
    Creating value from dairy components, like protein and fat, has been a success story for the dairy industry. Sugar is another story, one of an unwanted, never-ending, by-product of excess. With global challenges in regard to lactose-intolerance, and the rising questions about sustainability, changing the narrative will require multiple solutions. Dr. Sam Alcaine, an assistant professor in Cornell University’s department of Food Science, will discuss his lab’s research into cultures and fermentation parameters to upcycle lactose into value-added components like ethanol, acetic acid, and sweeteners. The goal is to develop scalable processes that lay the foundation for the sustainable creation of dairy-derived beverages that translate into growing consumer trends—like kombucha, tonics, and low-alcohol beers—that will drive novel value for the dairy industry.

35 minutes - Speaker 4: Kevin van Koerten and Q&A

  • Model based spray drying optimization
    Spray drying is the workhorse of food grade powder production. In this presentation, you will gain an understanding of the governing product physics during spray drying and learn about product stickiness and moisture sorption and an incorporating model to maximize throughput while accounting for the limiting effect of fouling due to product stickiness. The presented model has been applied successfully for multiple years.

5 minutes - Concluding Remarks & Attendee Transfer to Breakout Sessions

25 minutes - Breakout Panel Sessions

  • Topic 1: Current perspectives on Challenges and Opportunities in Dairy Industry
    • Speakers:
      • Dr. Samuel Alcaine, Assistant Professor of Dairy Fermentations, Department of Food Science, Cornell University
      • Kimberlee (K.J.) Burrington, Coordinator, Dairy Ingredients, Cultured Products and Beverages, Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    • Moderator:
      • Dr. Nitin Joshi, Vice President, Product Development, Dairy Management Inc.
  • Topic 2: From Bench to Commercialization: Disruptive Innovation Challenges and Opportunities
    • Speakers:
      • Kevin van Koerten, Scientist, NIZO Food Research, Netherlands
      • Ilan Samish, Founder & CEO Amai Proteins, Israel
    • Moderator:
      • Maxine Roman, PhD, Principal Scientist, Technology Platforms Ingredients, The Kraft Heinz Company

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Dr. Alcaine

Dr. Samuel Alcaine
Assistant Professor of Dairy Fermentations, Department of Food Science, Cornell University

Sam leads the Alcaine Research Group (ARG) at Cornell University within the department of Food Science. The group’s focus is on dairy fermentations, and how microbial and biological agents can be leveraged to reduce food waste along the dairy supply chain.





Kimberlee (K.J.) Burrington
Coordinator, Dairy Ingredients, Cultured Products and Beverages, Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison

K.J. provides technical support for U.S. dairy processors and end users on dairy ingredient functionality and applications, yogurt, and beverages. She is a member of the ADPI Center of Excellence Committee and a Certified Food Scientist.





Kevin van Koerten
Scientist, NIZO Food Research, Netherlands

Kevin is a scientist at NIZO Food Research, focusing on modelling the varying aspects of food processing, both on the product and the process scale. He specializes in heat and mass transfer phenomena, but also has fundamental knowledge of microbial and molecular kinetics and the chemical properties of food products.



Dr. Samish

Ilan Samish
Founder & CEO Amai Proteins, Israel

is the Founder & CEO of Amai Proteins -a company established in 2016 to produce designer proteins via biotechnology. The first focus of the Agile-Integrative Computational Protein Design (AI-CPD) platform is sugar reduction where it already produces sweet proteins that are healthy, tasty,  widely  food-compatible,  GMO-free, and cost-effective.