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8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

Hyatt Regency Chicago


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Course Overview:

 A “crash course” in all eight content areas covered on the exam, this course brings in experts from academia and industry to go over the key topics and concepts in their respective content area and share real-life examples to help attendees understand the application of the concepts. A resource for CFS candidates with various backgrounds and from many countries, this course attracts a broad audience of professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and demonstrate their understanding of the wide area of food science. 

The course reviews the eight content areas covered on the CFS Exam: 
1.    Sensory Evaluation & Consumer Testing 
2.    Food Microbiology 
3.    Food Safety 
4.    Food Engineering 
5.    Food Chemistry and Food Analysis 
6.    Quality Assurance & Quality Control 
7.    Regulatory 
8.    Product Development





CFS_Amy Lammert

Amy Lammert, PhD
Associate Professor, California Polytechnic State University

Amy began her career at Hunt Wesson/ConAgra Grocery Products in Fullerton, CA in 1997 where she worked as a rheological scientist and a product developer. While in the Rheology group, Dr. Lammert worked across business units to troubleshoot product/process issues and obtained five patents as a result. As a product developer, she worked on developing new Snack Pack Pudding products while working closely with the production plants to improve line yields and efficiencies. Read more.

CFS_John Budin

John Budin, PhD
Vice President, Product Safety & Quality, FONA International

John is the Vice President of Product Safety & Quality at FONA International. Dr. Budin drives state-of-the art analytical testing and root cause analysis, while working with customers to ensure products meet exceptional standards of quality and safety. He brings FONA a wealth of expertise built during his nearly 20-year career in the food industry. From manufacturing and testing to operations and teaching, he has ensured quality for global leaders in flavor, food product development and food safety. Read more.

CFS_Judy Lindsey

Judy Lindsey, CFS
R&D Director, Sara Lee Frozen Bakery

Judy Lindsey has 30+ years of food industry experience working in all aspects of product development and commercialization.  Her expertise is in the translation of consumer wants and needs to product design and formulation.  As newly appointed R&D Director at Sara Lee Frozen Bakery, Judy leads her team to transform fresh ideas into new products in a space designed for close collaboration with their customers. Read more.

CFS_Kathiravan Kriishnamurthy

Kathiravan Krishnamurthy, PhD
Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology

Kathiravan is an assistant professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. His research focuses on applications of novel food processing technologies for ensuring food safety. Dr. Krishnamurthy had been working with pulsed light processing for over a decade. Other research interests of Dr. Krishnamurthy include non-thermal processing technologies, advanced thermal processing technologies, heat transfer, modeling, and simulation. Read more.

CFS_Matthew Thomas Taylor

Matthew Thomas Taylor, PhD
Associate Professor, Texas A&M University

Matt is an associate professor of food microbiology in the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University. He is also a member of the Graduate Faculty of the Department of Nutrition and Food Science. Dr. Taylor’s primary research interests are in the utilization and mechanisms of food antimicrobials to inhibit bacterial foodborne pathogens. Dr. Taylor is currently participating and leading collaborative research projects with faculty in the Departments of Horticultural Sciences, Nutrition and Food Science, Poultry Science, and even Chemical Engineering, in addition to multi-institutional research projects with scientists from around the U.S. Read more.